Stop me if you've heard this one before:

How can you be an active member of the Church & be a Democrat?

Principles compatible with the gospel may be found in various political parties, and members should seek candidates who best embody those principles.
— The First Presidency (2016)

My faith and political beliefs are deeply intertwined. I am a Democrat because I am a Mormon, not in spite of it
— Harry Reid, BYU (2007)

Are we a political people? Yes, very political indeed. But what party do you belong to or would you vote for? I will tell you whom we will vote for: we will vote for the man who will sustain the principles of civil and religious liberty, the man who knows the most and who has the best heart and brain for a statesman; and we do not care a farthing whether he is a whig, a democrat, a barnburner, a republican, a new light or anything else.
— Brigham Young (1857)

LDS Dems is a nationwide organization focused on rewriting the narrative by electing LDS democrats and advocating for the policies that we believe are essential to our progression as citizens and Saints.

There is no litmus test to be an LDS Dem, but some of what we believe can be found below:

What we Believe

EDUCATION | We value public education for all children. We support teachers by providing them with the tools and resources needed to teach effectively. Education is the means to self-reliance. Ensuring a quality education now prevents needing help later. Funding education now means meaningful careers down the line.

ENVIRONMENT | As sacred stewards of the earth, we strive to recycle what we can, use energy wisely, and seek to create a cleaner world. Caring for the environment is a sign of respect for the Earth, God, and our children. Our public policy should reflect that imperative. We only have one earth, we should take care of it like a pearl of great price. 

ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY | We each have a responsibility to help all reach self-reliance. Honest pay for an honest day’s work creates a strong economy, enabling self-reliant families. A more self-reliant America is a stronger America. #LDSDemsBelieve that a hand up prevents hand outs in the future.

HEALTHCARE | Caring for the sick and afflicted is a key aspect of being a part of a moral society. Working to implement and continue healthcare reform is our part of that responsibility. All have a right to be taken care of, when that’s not offered through other means

IMMIGRATION | Immigration has served as a foundation for American innovation and greatness since America’s founding. Compassionate reform that keeps families together, protects American jobs, allows businesses to find needed employees, and creates a simple path for legal residence is necessary to keep the American dream a reality. 

BIPARTISANSHIP | The best work can come when we share stewardship and agency, working to make America a better place. After all, ‘moderation in all things.’ Working together towards common goals results in ideas that are best for everyone.

THE SANCTITY OF THE HUMAN FAMILY | Our human family is under attack. We cannot, in good conscience, call ourselves “pro-family” unless we are actively, practically, and concretely looking out for the welfare of all families, regardless of their wealth, religion, sex, skin color, gender, race, health, or sexual orientation. We hope our Republican colleagues and friends will reject their anti-family policies, which amount to little more than cafeteria morality. We invite all to strengthen and maintain families all across the state as the fundamental units of society.

Read our entire Defending the Family Report

What We Have Done

  • Featured on State, National, & International media
  • Built nationwide listenership for our weekly podcast
  • Provided training and messaging for candidates running for local and statewide office
  • Began a series of regular Sisters' nights to build unity and acceptance among LDS women
  • Published a groundbreaking report on family-friendly public policies that should be enacted by the Utah State Legislature
  • Started the largest caucus in the Utah Democratic Party
  • Expanded to chapters in 6 States 
  • Built a membership reach of over 5,000
  • Began regular, service-oriented social events
  • Made tens of thousands of calls to LDS swing voters
  • Hosted dozens of house parties and Family Home Evenings
  • Started a regular LDS Dems-themed book club