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#DefendingFamily Report

Some Republicans, particularly in Utah, seem to think that the most important fight in defense of the family takes place in the pages of a dictionary. We, the LDS Democrats caucus and the LDS Democrats of America, beg to differ. We are the party with the real pro-family policies.

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We value public education for all children. We support teachers by providing them with the tools and resources needed to teach effectively. Education is the means to self-reliance. Ensuring a quality education now prevents needing help later.


As a steward of the earth, we strive to recycle what we can, use energy wisely, and seek to create a cleaner world. Caring for the environment is a sign of respect for the Earth, God, and our children.


Caring for the sick and afflicted is a key aspect of being a part of a moral society. Working to implement and continue healthcare reform is our part of that responsibility. All have a right to be taken care of, when that’s not offered through other means.


Immigration has served as a foundation for American innovation and greatness since America’s founding. Compassionate reform that keeps families together, protects American jobs, allows businesses to find needed employees, and creates a simple path for legal residence is necessary to keep the American dream a reality.

Economic Opportunity

We each have a responsibility to help all reach self-reliance. Honest pay for an honest day’s work creates a strong economy, enabling self-reliant families. A more self-reliant America is a stronger America. #LDSDemsBelieve that a hand up prevents hand outs in the future.


The best work can come when we share stewardship and agency, working to make America a better place. After all, ‘moderation in all things.’ Working together towards common goals results in ideas that are best for everyone.

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Since the election of President-Elect Trump, many Latter-day Saints contemplate how they can stand for Democratic values like freedom, fairness, families, and the future. As…

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