There are countless ways to make a difference. We need you.



Your donation allows us to build our membership through events and activism. It helps us recruit candidates, reach out to new members, and it keeps the lights on around here. 

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Register to Vote

If the "decisions are made by those who show up," then this is step one. Make sure you are registered where you live, and get your friends and family to do the same. 

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Latter-Day Left is a weekly podcast series hosted by LDS democrats with interviews, discussion, and some interesting banter on politics, policy, and culture. 

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Sign up to receive updates and events going on nationally and locally. Learn about bills and candidates we support and connect with thousands of LDS Dems around the world. 

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Contact your Representatives

Look them up. Memorize their names. Put their phone numbers in your contacts. Let them know you are here. This is their job, let's make sure they remember that. 

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From t-shirts to bumperstickers, buttons, and pass-along cards, make sure you wear LDS Dems gear with pride. Any chance you have to get out there and show it off is a seed planted. 

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Each one of us is unique. Our time and talents are ours to give. This doesn't mean you will be knocking doors every Saturday, but no one has ever won an election without volunteers.