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For more in-depth discussions with several Utahns about why they’re LDS Democrats, visit www.utahcommonvalues.org. “I’m a Democrat because of the example and beliefs of my parents. They were both committed Democrats who taught their five sons to value people over money or status. My parents were both LDS and, together with the examples of my four older brothers, helped ensure I was active in the Church and went on a mission. My beliefs in both the Gospel and the Democratic party have strengthened over time.” Representative Brian King, (D-District 28) from Salt Lake City, UT “I am a Democrat because of the teachings of Christ. Those of love, tolerance, peace, and kindness. I believe that all individuals deserve a fair shot, that we are all created equal and deserve to be treated that way. I prefer diplomacy to war and believe that military intervention should be the last option used. I also believe that we, as Americans, have something to learn from other countries, something to share as well, but that we do not own all of the good ideas. I believe that the government has a responsibility to care for those in need, that hard times fall on all people and we have a duty to help raise those people up. I believe that with all that I’ve been given, I need to help others have as fair an opportunity as I did. That is why I’m a Latter-day Saint and a Democrat.” – Conor Hilton, Provo UT “I am an LDS Dem because I want to be a part of bringing good values to government and politics.” Josh Hogan, from Provo, UT “There is sort of a division along Mormon/non-Mormon, Republican/Democratic lines. We regret that more than anything — that there would become a church party and a non-church party. That would be the last thing that we would want to have happen.” – Elder Marlin K. Jensen “My political views have always been more moderate in nature. I am a strong advocate of human rights, education, equality/fairness, protecting the environment and find these things to be a stronger priority in the democratic party.” – Elizabeth C. from Salt Lake City “I want to get to know and connect with other Mormon Democrats and help spread the word that the values of the Democratic Party are very compatible with LDS scripture and doctrine. I am a Democrat because of my religious beliefs, not in spite of them.” – Kristina H. from Nephi “My moral values line up more with the Democratic party than the Republican party.” — Tiffany A. from Eagle Mountain “I am a former Republican, and I have found over the past few years that my former party’s actions are becoming more and more distant from my beliefs.” — Sean G. from Moab “The GOP has left a bad taste in my mouth. They don’t jive with my LDS values of truth and agency.” — David C. from Grantsville “I’m tired of the ridiculous notion that a faithful member of the LDS Church cannot be a Democrat.” — Zac C. from Eagle Mountain “I am an LDS Democrat, and I’m proud of being both. I believe that there is a definite need for our voices to be heard!” — Katie C. from Mendon “I’m very frustrated about the political imbalance in Utah, and I feel like the Dems better reflect my personal values.” — M’Lisa L. from Murray “Mosiah 4.” — Janelle H. from Ogden “When I was a young child my grandfather and I were talking about the world and politics, as much as a grandfather does to his young grandson. I knew that ‘we’ were Democrats, but didn’t know what that really meant. He told me of a conversation that he had with his father years earlier. He asked why he was a Democrat. His father said, ‘Democrats stand up for the little people, and we are little people.’ To my young mind that made sense. As I have grown, and had my own life experiences, I have found that to be true. I wasn’t born to a wealthy family, but to one of faith and testimony. Because of LDS and Democratic ideals, I have a good education, and am living my part of the American Dream.” – Matthew Everett, Provo, Ut “I looked at my beliefs and discovered that the Democratic Party’s platform most closely matched those beliefs. I’d like to encourage more of my fellow LDS Church members to see that as well.” — John L. from Ogden “I’m concerned for my grandchildren’s future.” — Don J. from Provo “I believe that the principles of my faith are better represented in the Democratic party.” — Debbie S. from Salem “I want to help people understand that you can be LDS and a Democrat! My religious beliefs have only confirmed my party affiliation.” — Gigi A. from Salt Lake City “I have long embraced Democratic candidates and my LDS faith. I’m encouraged that I’m not the only “weird” one out there!”— Marci B. from Salt Lake City “I’m interested in overcoming stereotypes and myths that progressive ideas are inconsistent with LDS values.” — Soren S. from Salt Lake City “I am a Democrat because I am LDS. My values line up with the Democratic party. The recent tone and stance of the Republican Party has left me wondering how any LDS Church members can continue to embrace the Republican Party.” — Susan C. from Salt Lake City “I’m an LDS Dem because of the influence of a good friend who, over the course a few semesters at BYU, helped me see that my core beliefs are often most easily found in the approach taken by the Democratic Party. No party is perfect, of course, but I feel at home here.” Craig Janis, from West Jordan, UT “The Democratic platform best represents Christ’s New Testament teachings. I want other Mormons to understand this.” — Jeff W. from Sandy “I believe the Book of Mormon should be a handbook for good government, and the Democratic Party is closer to this than the Republicans.” — Bob N. from Sugar City “I believe that most of the goals of the Utah Democratic Party align with my spiritual beliefs.” — Carol E. from Taylorsville “I believe that the Democratic party best represents the values I hold as an active LDS person.” — Jimmy R. from West Jordan “BALANCE! COMPASSION! DIVERSITY!” – Steve O. from Holladay “As an LDS Dem, I want to be aligned with members of the LDS faith that share similar beliefs as well as similar political ideals and goals.” – Kendall C. from Kamas “I like being Mormon and a democrat.” – Glynn W. from Dallas “I looked at my beliefs, and discovered that the Democratic party platform more closely matched those beliefs. I’d like to encourage more of my fellow LDS to make that kind of analysis.” – John L. from Ogden “I think that it is important for there to be a moderate LDS voice in the Democratic Party.” – Douglas A. from Logan “I believe there are many LDS Democrats who need a place where they feel welcome to express themselves and can make a difference — this caucus serves that need.” – Karen H. from Salt Lake City “The policies and actions of the Utah Republican Party are inconsistent with the doctrines of the Lord’s Church and with the teachings of the Savior.” – William M. from Bountiful “I’m a liberal, and I’m LDS. I think the two go together well, and there should be more of us.” – Andrew S. from Taylorsville “Perfect combination of religion and politics (I’m Democrat because I’m LDS). And it’s wonderful to be part of a group. I’ve felt very isolated in Bountiful where they think Democrat is a 4-letter word.” – Jami F. from Bountiful “I want to join in spreading the message that being a faithful member of the LDS Church and a committed Democrat is not only possible, but desirable!” – Dustin C. from Bountiful “While attending College Republican meetings as a young freshman at BYU, I realized with a shock that the values my parents and religion had taught me about being a good steward of the earth, helping the poor to become self-reliant, enabling a strong educational system, approaching immigration with compassion, and common sense economic principles where not values that were being championed in those College Republican meetings. It was so shocking to realize that the political ideas I had grown up with were not Republican but really more in line with those scary D’s. I have know come to realize, as Senator Reid also says, ‘I’m a Democrat because of my Mormonism and not in spite of it.'” Crystal Young-Otterstrom, from Salt Lake City, UT

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