Our Mission

Our mission here at LDS Democrats of America is to promote the full participation of Latter-day Saints in the Democratic Party. We do this by providing educational and social resources to progressive, moderate, and conservative Democrats who are also LDS and others who are interested in participating in a “no shouting” environment. We invite you to join us.

LDS Dems of Utah is an official caucus of the Utah Democratic Party. Like the Utah Democratic Party, we are a big tent. We are proud that we are a home for LDS Democrats who are conservative, moderate, liberal, and progressive. We even have Republican members. As a big tent, we are a living example of the power that is achieved when bipartisanship, compromise, and tolerance of ideas are put before limited, specific visions.

Our goal: Encourage more Latter-day Saints to:

    1. participate and feel welcome in the Democratic Party and
    2. vote for Democratic candidates

Our mission: Actively encourage more Latter-Day Saints to identify as Democrats, participate in the Democratic party, and vote for Democratic candidates.

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