Why We’re LDS Dems


There is sort of a division along Mormon/non-Mormon, Republican/Democratic lines,”
says Elder Marlin Jensen, a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy. “We regret that
more than anything — that there would become a church party and a non-church party.
That would be the last thing that we would want to have happen. – Elder Marlin K.

To organize, recruit. and elect individuals with shared values and interests. – Gary F.
from Sandy

My political views have always been more moderate in nature. I am a strong advocate
of human rights, education, equality/fairness, protecting the environment and find these
things to be a stronger priority in the democratic party. – Elizabeth C. from Salt Lake City

I want to get to know and connect with other Mormon Democrats and help spread the
word that the values of the Democratic Party are very compatible with LDS scripture
and doctrine. I am a Democrat because of my religious beliefs, not in spite of them. –
Kristina H. from Nephi

My moral values line up more with the Democratic party than the Republican party.
Tiffany A. from Eagle Mountain

I am a former Republican, and I have found over the past few years that my former
party’s actions are becoming more and more distant from my beliefs. — Sean G. from Moab

The GOP has left a bad taste in my mouth. They don’t jive with my LDS values of truth
and agency. — David C. from Grantsville

I’m tired of the ridiculous notion that a faithful member of the LDS Church cannot be a
Democrat. — Zac C. from Eagle Mountain

I am an LDS Democrat, and I’m proud of being both. I believe that there is a definite
need for our voices to be heard! — Katie C. from Mendon

I’m very frustrated about the political imbalance in Utah, and I feel like the Dems better
reflect my personal values. — M’Lisa L. from Murray

Mosiah 4.
Janelle H. from Ogden

I looked at my beliefs and discovered that the Democratic Party’s platform most closely
matched those beliefs. I’d like to encourage more of my fellow LDS Church members to
see that as well. — John L. from Ogden

I’ve always been proud to be an LDS Democrat. — Jordan R. from Plain City

I feel like the Democratic Party is where my political and religious views best align. — Craig J. from Pleasant Grove

I’m concerned for my grandchildren’s future. — Don J. from Provo

I believe that the principles of my faith are better represented in the Democratic party. — Debbie S. from Salem

I want to help people understand that you can be LDS and a Democrat! My religious
beliefs have only confirmed my party affiliation. — Gigi A. from Salt Lake City

I have long embraced Democratic candidates and my LDS faith. I’m encouraged that I’m
not the only “weird” one out there! — Marci B. from Salt Lake City

I’ve felt very isolated with the increasing political shift to the far right. — Sara B. from Salt Lake City

I’m interested in overcoming stereotypes and myths that progressive ideas are
inconsistent with LDS values. — Soren S. from Salt Lake City

I am a Democrat because I am LDS. My values line up with the Democratic party. The
recent tone and stance of the Republican Party has left me wondering how any LDS
Church members can continue to embrace the Republican Party. — Susan C. from Salt Lake City

The Democratic platform best represents Christ’s New Testament teachings. I want
other Mormons to understand this. — Jeff W. from Sandy

I believe the Book of Mormon should be a handbook for good government, and the
Democratic Party is closer to this than the Republicans. — Bob N. from Sugar City

I believe that most of the goals of the Utah Democratic Party align with my spiritual
beliefs. — Carol E. from Taylorsville

I believe that the Democratic party best represents the values I hold as an active LDS
person. — Jimmy R. from West Jordan


As an LDS Dem, I want to be aligned with memebers of the LDS faith that share similar
beliefs as well as similar political ideals and goals. – Kendall C. from Kamas

I am LDS and a Democrat I am tired of being alone in that situation.- Jean T. from
American Fork

I like being Mormon and a democrat. – Glynn W. from Dallas

I looked at my beliefs, and discovered that the Democratic party platform more closely
matched those beliefs. I’d like to encourage more of my fellow LDS to make that kind of
analysis.- John L. from Ogden

I think that it is important for there to be a moderate LDS voice in the Democratic Party. –
Douglas A. from Logan

I believe there are many LDS Democrats who need a place where they feel welcome to
express themselves and can make a difference — this caucus serves that need. – Karen
H. from Salt Lake City

The policies and actions of the Utah Republican Party are inconsistent with the
doctrines of the Lord’s Church and with the teachings of the Savior. – William M. from

I’m a liberal, and I’m LDS. I think the two go together well, and there should be more of
us. – Andrew S. from Taylorsville

Perfect combination of religion and politics (I’m Democrat because I’m LDS). And it’s
wonderful to be part of a group. I’ve felt very isolated in Bountiful where they think
Democrat is a 4-letter word. – Jami F. from Bountiful

I want to join in spreading the message that being a faithful member of the LDS Church
and a committed Democrat is not only possible, but desirable! – Dustin C. from Bountiful

“Until Mormon voters have a better understanding of Democratic principles, they will
continue in lock step with their party.” – Vance Pace Salt Lake Tribune

I am a Democrat because of the teachings of Christ, love, tolerance, peace, and kindness. I believe that all individuals deserve a fair shot; that all are created equal and deserve to be treated that way. Diplomacy should be the primary method of conflict resolution, with military intervention as a last resort. I also believe that Americans have something to learn from, as well as share with, other countries. I believe that the government has a responsibility to care for those in need, since hard times fall on all people. That is why I’m a Latter-day Saint and a Democrat.- Conor H., Boise, ID

I can give no better reason for being a Democrat than that given by Senator Harry Reid:  “I am a Democrat because I am a Mormon.”  But well before I heard that from Senator Reid, I was influenced by the words of Hugh B. Brown, formerly of the LDS First Presidency, as he spoke of the choice of political parties he faced when moving to the United States from Canada: ‘If I wanted to belong to a party that represented the common people I should become a Democrat, but if I wanted to be popular and have the adulation of others and be in touch with the wealth of the nation, I should become a Republican.’  He became a Democrat, and so did I. – Greg P. Washington D.C.

“Why I’m an lds dem: Being a democrat in the LDS Church can be a lonely exercise. I haven’t always identified as a democrat, but it is my faith that has lead me to participate in politics, it is my faith that has made me progressive and it is my faith that has taught me the importance of organizing. I am excited about the opportunity to join with LDS Democrats of America to promote progressive policies and demonstrate to those inside and outside of the Church that Mormons can be democrats.” – Maggie O., Washington D.C.