“I have been involved in Republican politics most of my life, but I have not been
impressed with many in that party lately. I was very concerned over the immigration
issue last election cycle and decided that I needed to register as a Democrat.” — Steven G. from Sandy

“Because I, like many others, have found my political views much more closely align with
the Democratic Party. I was and continue to be disappointed at the Republican stance
on Immigration. It does not conform with Gospel teachings.” – Janet R. from Salt Lake City

“Immigration- An overstated, over politicized topic.  Illegals provide $10-15 billion in unclaimed payroll taxes to the US Budget, cost $5 billion in emergency room cost, and drive $100’s of billions in savings on cheaper goods for US consumers and exports. Only 50% of illegals come from the southern border, and the number of illegals in the US has been shrinking, not growing, over the past five years. We share the concern observed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that “any state [immigration] legislation that only contains enforcement provisions is likely to fall short of the high moral standard of treating each other as children of God.” – Courtesy of

“Labor Unions – We support many of the ideas advocated by labor unions, including better and safer work environments and better benefits for employees. We recognize that labor unions, over the past century, have contributed significantly to welfare of working Americans by improving workplace conditions and helping to establish fair labor practices in America. Although they are a special interest group, labor unions are one of the very few special interest groups that advocate on behalf of middle class Americans. That said, we acknowledge that contemporary labor unions are often archaic and frequently cause inefficiencies in our free market system. Labor unions must adapt to the 21st Century and its globalized market, otherwise they run the risk of becoming entirely obsolete and completely powerless.We also believe that holding onto unions could weaken the Democratic base as the topic does not resonate with younger members and swing voters.  Unions could be considered the Immigration liability of the Democratic party.” – Courtesy of

“Government does not create jobs. Government’s role in the economy is to facilitate growth and innovation. The free market provides economic freedom, but it sometimes needs to be regulated to prevent abuse and exploitation. Work is a gift from God and it is ordained of God as a way for mankind to learn and grow. We must eat our bread by the sweat of our faces, not of others. Work ensures that the dignity of mankind is preserved.” – Russell D. from Orem

“We can help create jobs by assisting in the development of small business through government assistance. Additionally, it is important to remember that education is the key to jobs.” – Danielle B. from Logan

“My husband has worked for the same company for 14 years, thankfully. We know friends and relatives who were laid off or quit to find a better job, and many are still out job-hunting. We live on a tight budget, I work part-time, our kids worked during college. I wish Utah had as much booming green job growth as in some other states, and that more employment opportunities were available for young adults. One of many problems I see: many people bypass good jobs for higher-paying jobs to afford more expensive homes, cars, etc. Their ‘American Dream’ is very different than my dream.” – Jo Lynne H. from Ogden

“Decrease taxes on small business. Look at ways to help them with health insurance. That is a huge expense for them that keeps hiring new implores at a minimum.” Ellis L. from Springville

” I feel for those who are unemployed. I also feel that people have a choice in their lives and in being skilled and educated. I disagree with many LDS women who refuse to work even though their husbands are out of work, because they should be home. When my husband, the primary breadwinner, lost his job 5 years ago, I immediately went to work full time and continued for 6 months until he found a job and we recovered. Because I had a college education, I was able to do this and make enough money to care for our family.” – Kristen H. from West Jordan

“Zero unemployment may not be natural, but there is not reason for it to be above a few percent. There are always roads in need of repair and bridges and other bits of infrastructure. Employing people for one year to update everything isn’t the answer, but if a smaller group is employed perpetually and restore our infrastructure to what is intended to be then everything will flow more smoothly, and businesses won’t be covering the extra cost themselves.” – Samuel R. from Logan

“Incentives seem to be necessary for companies to keep jobs here. Education and training are needed to support unfilled jobs. We have the people but lack the skills. The Economic burden of providing health care benefits should actually be decreased and level out once more people participate through Obamacare. Health care industry and insurance will have a boom in customers? What is bad about that? Austerity measures will hurt / not help the jobs situation.” – Karen B. from Murray

“Jobs are what make taxes. Jobs are what make productive members of society, successful families, happy people, happy children, happy neighbors. Jobs are necessary. No one sets out to be a drone and drain on welfare dollars! Everyone wants better for themselves, their families, their future … that is why we all want jobs with living wages, good working conditions, a bright future. If all it took was someone starting a business, growing it into a multi-national conglomerate … everyone would do it. But BIG business has issues – they lose sight of the common man, the little people; otherwise we wouldn’t need unions and such to protect workers, we wouldn’t need government regulations to stop such things as child labor, overworking, sweat-shops, harmful working conditions – which we still have in some places. There is a need for government to do things AFTER ALL WE CAN DO OURSELVES.”  – Greg D. from Provo

“We actually seem to already have more low paying jobs than we have people to work in them. This is at least part of the reason why we have so many people immigrating from Latin America, legally and otherwise, and why so many large companies are outsourcing their low paying jobs to other nations. The real challenge is to create more middle income jobs for more middle income families. This can only be met by creating more jobs that depend on having technically and scientifically qualified people to work in them. Unfortunately, progress in this direction is hampered in this nation by the strong religious conservatives who are anti-science and, therefore, largely anti-technology as well. Other nations are beginning to take the lead in stem cell research, nuclear research, and even in agricultural research, more rapidly than we are.” – C.H. Walker from Layton


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