LDS Church’s Newsroom page statement on “Environmental Stewardship and Conservation”

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“Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees.” — Rev 9:4

Elder Neal A. Maxwel: “True disciples … would be consistent environmentalists—caring both about maintaining the spiritual health of a marriage and preserving a rain forest; caring about preserving the nurturing capacity of a family as well as providing a healthy supply of air and water…Adam and Eve were to ‘dress the garden,’ not exploit it. Like them, we are to keep the commandments, so that we can enjoy all the resources God has given us, resources described as ‘enough and to spare’ (D&C 104:17), if we use and husband them wisely.”

“I care about the environment and do my best to recycle.  I drive a fuel-efficient vehicle that fits my family of 4, and I look forward to new technologies that allow for better gas mileage and a cleaner environment for all.” – Kristin H. of West Jordan

“The outward expressions of irreverence for God, for life, and for our fellowmen take the form of things like littering, heedless strip-mining, heedless pollution of water and air.” — Ezra Taft Benson in This Nation Shall Endure (Deseret Book, 1979)

“Now it is better that a man should be judged of God than of man, for the judgments of
God are always just, but the judgments of man are not always just.” — Mosiah 29:12

“Replenish the earth.” — Genesis 1:28

“So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are.” — Numbers 35:33

“And it pleaseth God that hath given all these things unto man; for unto this end were they made to be used, with judgment, not to excess, neither by extortion.” — D&C 59:20

“I take the responsibility of caring for the Earth that was given to the family of Adam very seriously, and I think we are failing in that commandment. What will it profit us if we make a lot of money and kill the Earth that houses us?” – Kyle J. from Salt Lake City

“Climate Change- A very real threat to the long term health of our planet.  Data is overwhelmingly in support of the global warming trends, as are scientists within this specialty. Collective, global action must be taken to curb emissions of greenhouse gases, in order to minimize global temperature rise, while as the same time we must prepare our nation to adapt to significant climate shifts. We find climate skepticism ignorant, and pundit trolling laughable, given their lack of data and emotionally charged talking points.” – Courtesy of mormondems.com

“God gave man dominion over the earth. But that does not mean mankind can do whatever it wants and expect no consequences. It must be a righteous dominion. We have a moral responsibility to protect the environment for our sake and the sake of our posterity. States deserve the right to determine how best to manage the environment.” – Russell D. from Orem

“I’m in my 50s, a Sierra Club member, a former Californian-Oregonian, spent most of my life hiking trails, backpacking, and observing and photographing nature. My husband and I used to take our kids hiking, camping, and cross country skiing. I keep up with environmental issues and believe each of us can be an activist to help protect and preserve the earth, and wetlands, wilderness, desert, and other habitats. Father in Heaven created so much beauty, then charged us with wise stewardship! Proud to be a tree-hugging granola Mormon!” – JoLynne H. from Ogden

“With all the talk about handing a secure future to our children, this cannot be overlooked. We can apply our brain power and create jobs to get this mess cleaned up. The risk is too great to pretend global warming does not exist and just look the other way. Greed is driving continued use of fossil fuels and destruction of the environment. The destruction and open pit mining of our beautiful mountains is tragic and will have consequences! If you cut a tree , plant another one. If you tear down a mountain, for goodness sakes don’t leave a slag pile in its place. We need the EPA! Without regulations we will all be poisoned.” – Karen B. from Murray

“God gave us the earth, let’s take care of it. It is self sustaining let’s not mess that up. Use our resources wisely. Keep it clean love it enjoy it, if you knock it down put it back. Enjoy and love nature.” – Lee M. from Salem

“Environmental factors are a big concern for me. Heavenly Father gave us this beautiful earth to live on and as near as I can tell it is really suffering big time with pollution. Also air pollution is a huge problem where I live. When I first moved to Sacramento, it was so bad I ended up in the ER room with my Asthma for the first time in my 40 years. It’s under better control now, but I don’t think the air pollution does it any favors. Nor does it for any of the other people who suffer with various health problems that are a result of pollution” – Eric C. from Sacramento

“We live on a beautiful planet, with abundant resources at our disposal. What is most important though is that we avoid harming the environment as we use these resources, and that we do so in a responsible enough way that we don’t run out of things. Owning up to our roles in the changing environment is key.  Selling power to other states by use of coal power plants without passing along the cost of the pollution of our own air is ridiculous. With every polluted breath we take we subsidize California’s electricity, not to mention the oil industry.”  – Samuel R. from Logan

“I believe we can and will protect the environment for our grandchildren and I believe we can and will also have energy self sufficiency at the same time.
Drill selectively, with oversight and financial consequences for environmental damage; a drilling operation in the empty lands of southwest Utah is acceptable while a drilling operation in the middle of the wasatch range or in Bryce canyon is not. Jobs in the energy industry will be welcome too.”  – Hubbert S. from Sandy

“Environmentally I believe we can do every so much better than we are right now. This is really a job for national governments to work together, one nation helping and working in concert with other nations to improve the world. We all need clean air, clean water, etc. Can’t we all just agree and work on it? Pointing fingers, the blame game isn’t productive … get together and make a plan and then work toward that goal. I don’t care if it is getting rid of fossil fuels, going totally green, giving up all the luxuries and moving the planet back into the 17th Century … what ever we agree upon, just don’t mandate one idea for one country and let another continue along unrestricted. Get the planet’s act together and move forward … or we die together, folks!” – Greg D. Provo

“We have an obligation to care for our earth. We need to recycle, walk, use public transportation, and find other ways to save energy. We need to move away from fossil fuels and to lobby legislatures to place severance taxes on those industries that extract anything from the earth. I believe the public lands in Utah and elsewhere are “public lands” and they should be accessable for all people and not sold off to benefit a few. My family have traveled throughout Utah, camping and hiking on public lands. They are priceless treasures- not for sale to the highest bidder.” – Doneta G. from Layton

“Continue to hold to the basic key to our future. Sustainable, Le polluting energy. Work to get China on the same page.” – Ellis L. from Springville